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Having a bright, movie-star-worthy smile is everyone’s dream. This dream starts with having a smile full of sparkling white teeth. Unfortunately, the habits we have and the foods we eat wear out our enamel and stain our teeth over time. You can combat your yellowing teeth and get the bright smile you deserve by getting your teeth professionally whitened from the experts at Windermere Dental & Medical Spa.


There are a lot of reasons why your teeth might yellow. The main culprits are the foods we eat, the drinks we drink and the habits we have. Drinking lots of coffee and soda will wear down the enamel and discolor your teeth and doing things like smoking and chewing tobacco will stain your teeth and turn them brown. Darker teeth can also be inherited from our parents.


There are two kinds of teeth whitening available: In office and take home trays.

  • In office: Our dental team will place a protective barrier on your gums and apply a strong hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. This is usually a painless procedure and one can expect several shades lighter teeth. However, take home trays (included with in office) can often be used for those who may want even more whitening.
  • Take home trays: Our dental team take impressions of your teeth and make custom whitening trays for home use. The peroxide is less strong than in-office whitening so that the gums and lips cannot get damaged. The whitening can be just as profound but just takes longer.


It’s common for the teeth to be sensitive after treatment. This is because the whitening gel penetrates the enamel of the tooth and leaves the nerves a bit more exposed. The sensitivity is temporary. If you are planning on multiple treatments for your teeth, it’s a good idea to wait until the sensitivity subsides before doing another treatment.

When adults are asked what they would change most about their smile, the most common answer is “I wish my teeth were whiter”. Flossing and brushing, even with whitening toothpaste, often aren’t enough. But the dental team at Windermere Dental & Med Spa can more than double your smile’s brightness in as little as a single visit.

Call today and set up a consultation to find out how a movie star-worthy smile could be yours.

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