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What Is Microblading Training? All That You Ever Wanted to Know

microblading training course
What Is Microblading Training? All That You Ever Wanted to Know

Being in the microblading business for so long, we understand your concerns and queries about its process and the kind of training we provide. This blog will fully clarify your concerns about what is microblading training, its process, your eligibility, and what it offers as a career.

1. What Is Microblading Training?

Microblading is an eyebrow design approach which aims to enhance your personality by modifying and maintaining the natural look and beauty of your eyebrows by delivering hair strokes and pigment methods that will appear as your real hair! This is a semi-permanent makeup method that involves the insertion of a thin layer of pigment into the surface layer of the skin by slicing mildly through it. At Fleek Brows’ training workshop we provide our trainees only the most natural color pigment for practicing that doesn’t hurt skin and resist provoking the unnecessary reactions from the body.

For your clarification, microblading training is very different from what you get trained for in permanently tattooed eyebrows. The latter involves inserting the ink into the second layer of the skin, called epidermis, which gives a permanent result but it can harm your skin. While in microblading training, you are trained to deliver the color pigment into the outer layer of the skin by slicing subtly through it. It’s 100% safe and fades away within a year. This also gives confidence of safety to your clients who come for an eyebrow design to your beauty parlor.

2. Who Are Best Eligible for Our Microblading Training?

If you’re a cosmetologist, esthetician, or a beautician, you should take this training to attain perfection in your job. Even beginners can also take huge advantage from this course to launch their career. It will add a feather to their beauty skills and believe me, the customer turnout to your shop will definitely increase once you become a well-trained microblading artist.

Required Eligibilities for Microblading Training

Because microblading involves cutting through a skin, we encourage only the most suitable people to practice it. So, it’s better to know what makes you eligible for our training. Find it below:

  • You must hold a cosmetology, tattoo, or esthetician license to take this course.
  • You should complete a Blood Pathogen Certificate Course prior to taking microblading course. It’s a 2-hour online course that you can take at your own time and pace.
  • Make sure to check your state/county/city rules and regulations for artists to practice microblading. Rules of every state, county and city will vary. You’ll have to check it with your local county health department and inquire about the licensing needed to perform the makeup.
  • Apart from those, you’ll have to have steady hands, and accurate vision as microblading requires extra attention in every step of it from drawing of the shape to applying hair strokes.
3. What We Offer in Our Microblading Training Course

At Fleek Brows, we offer two types of microblading training course. First is a standard 2-day complete training course for those who already have a cosmetic business and want to grow it, and second is a 1-day advanced course for those who just want to fine tune their existing skills. Both cover each and every aspect of the procedure of manual microblading from tool sterilization to skin structure to proper application, aftercare and touch up.

Here’s the course outline of our 2-day hands-on microblading training:

 • General intro to the microblading method.  • Demonstration through live presentation on the model.
 • Intro to skin structure and composition. And about skin related diseases.  • Work on a live model after the demonstration under constant supervision of microblading professionals.
 • Hygiene.  • Consultation with the client (to help know more about the client’s demands and how to convince and satisfy them).
 • Info about products.  • Determination of the color, shape, and depth of pigment injection.
 • Pigment mixing.  • Digitally checking the outline.
 • Eyebrow symmetry calculation.
 • Marketing tips and customers, and more.

Note: These are just an outline of the courses being offered by various microblading professionals. The components and their details in the courses may vary to some extent depending upon the academy or the professional you take training from.

4. What Benefits You’ll Get After Microblading Training

Benefits of taking microblading training are not a hidden story now. And with it becoming a rage already, it only comes with a pack of rewards that will help raise and grow your own microblading business in no time. Here are the benefits of taking a microblading course:

  • You’ll have an in-depth coverage of every step involved in the procedure.
  • The training will let you practice on both, artificial skin as well as the live models that will boost your level of confidence.
  • No requirement to purchase any expensive equipment. You’ll be provided with a professional microblading kit during the class.
  • You’ll get a certificate of completion of the course that will establish you as a professional microblading artist among your competitors.
  • Most of the academies, like Fleek Brows Florida, offer a 90 Days of Support Post Training via email/text.
  • And finally, it’s an opportunity to increase your income up to 10 times.
5. How You Can Start After Getting Trained in Microblading

All our trainees are already established with their career in and outside of Florida. We recommend you start by taking a job with any established microblading artist. It will take you at least 2 to 3 months before you attain perfection after working on various clients with their variety of skin composition and structure and how to work on them. Only after that, you can actually call yourself a true microblading artist.

If you’re able to find a mentor for yourself who is great at his/her skills, and supports you all the way in your phase of learning, submitting yourself to that mentor can bring fortune for you in the future.

6. How Much You’ll Earn After Microblading Training

After getting a hands-on training and a certificate from an expert in eyebrow embroidery, you can increase your income up to ten-folds in no time. As you keep gaining more and more experience and a greater client base, there’s no set limit to what you can earn through it. It all depends on the degree of perfection you can attain in your art!

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