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What is Fleek Eyebrows? Latest Eyebrow Trends

What is Fleek Eyebrows? Latest Eyebrow Trends

Many people think popularity with a Kim Kardashian post on Instagram when she used the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek for Cara Delevingne to be responsible for on fleek brows, but the term received a huge her well-groomed brows. This started the trend of fleek brows in the world of beauty and make-up.

Fleek is basically a creative way of saying the word flick- which is used by makeup and beauty lovers to denote well-groomed, perfectly shaped, shining and thick eyebrows.

Latest Eyebrow Trends:

Eyebrows On Fleek : It also means eyebrows on point. It one of the most trending things for makeup lovers. Well shaped eyebrows with a defined arch and perfect thickness are ideal. Very few women are blessed with perfect natural on fleek brows. But there are various ways to achieve eyebrows that are on point such as make-up, 3D Tattoo, eyebrow embroidery etc.

Under Eyebrows : Also, known as under brows, it a unique eyebrow trend where an underline is drawn with the use of some colour or glitters to define beneath the brow line. Under brow makeup enhances the arch of the eyebrows and looks very attractive. Sometimes it is also referred as painted brows. This fresh makeup trend is currently on the favourite list of makeup lovers.

This oh-so chic look is trending the most in the city of fashion- Paris, and gradually this craze is hitting the other parts of the world too.

Smoky Brows : Smoky eye make up with the use of eye shadow is a pass now. Today, it all aboutsmoky brows. The beauty world is embracing this new trend. Unlike the smoky shadow, smoky brows give a softer look. The technique in smoky eyebrow make-up is to define the brow arch in a subtle way to keep a natural touch.

It’s easy to get smoky brows. All you need is to

1. Define your brows with darker finish on tail end and the arch.
2. Blend the color in the brow hairs with a clean mascara brush.
3. Apply the brow powder or you can also use eye shadow (matching your complexion) to blend it above and beneath your brow line.
4. Blend it well to make your brows look darker, glossy and smoky.

Just Natural : The young girl look with the full grown and messy natural eyebrows came as a unique trend this year. Although not many agree with this messy look but it has come up as the boldest of all eyebrow trends ever. Bushy brows brushed upwards look was mostly seen donned up by the models on the fashion ramp.

Microblading : Microblading is still one of the highest trending eyebrow fashions and it here to stay.This semi-permanent solution gives you natural-looking thick, well shaped and perfect brows. An hour-long treatment and you get rid of killing your valuable time every-day for eyebrow make up. Learn more about Microblading here.

Most of the make-up and fashion trends are like bubble. They arrive as a fresh air and leave secretly giving way to new ones. But few trends are really meant to transform the industry forever. Eyebrow embroidery is one of those forever beauty trends.