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One of the most annoying thing that can appear as we age are spider veins. These non-life threatening veins are usually red or purple and seem to spiral their way up the legs.

Spider veins are common in adults over 50 and while they don’t hurt, and they don’t signal that anything else is wrong with the body, they can prevent people from wearing certain types of clothing like shorts, dresses, capris or swimsuits.

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Spider veins are often confused with varicose veins, but the difference between the two is where spider veins get their name. Spider veins are smaller and skinnier than varicose veins and their pattern on the legs looks like a spider’s legs.

Spider veins happen because of the pressure caused on veins by gravity, our weight, our changing skin and more. There is no specific cause to point to that cause these veins, but there are a few major factors:

  • People who stand for long periods of time: This includes teachers, nurses, retail workers and any typical “out of office” job.
  • Family History: Our genes play a factor too. Those who have had spider veins in their family are more prone to having it themselves.
  • BMI: Those with a higher BMI put more pressure on the legs which can cause spider veins.

Spider veins might also come with other symptoms. Your legs could get tired easier, there could be some swelling and your legs could feel heavier than normal.


There are a number of ways our medical team can treat your spider veins, and even some things you can do at home to stop current spider veins from getting worse or prevent new veins from appearing.

  • Support/Compression Stockings: The same compression technology that helps athletes get their best performance on the field can also help you prevent spider veins. These special stockings can be under-the-knee, over-the-knee or in pantyhose form.
  • Losing weight: One of the factors for spider veins is pressure. This pressure can be made worse by high body weight. Losing weight is a good option to prevent spider veins.
  • Sclerotherapy: This easy-to-administer procedure involves injecting a saline solution into the vein, causing it to eventually disappear. This takes around a month to do and could involve multiple visits. We proudly offer Asclera®.

While there are many ways to solve the problem of spider veins, not all of them will work for you. Call and schedule a consultation where one of our experts will go over the options we offer and help find the best method for you.

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