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Revolutionary 3D Brow Building

brow building
Revolutionary 3D Brow Building

Every girl dreams of well-shaped, arched, and bold eyebrows, but very few women are blessed with naturally thick eyebrows. Most women do not realize the value of eyebrows until they do them for the first time. You notice a great transformation to your look just by plucking few extras and shaping your brows. After that all you want is awesome eyebrows.

There are several tricks that will help you enhance your eyebrows that are easy and effective. Here are few revolutionary methods to transform your eyebrows:

1. Master the Art of Eyebrow Makeup: Although the art of eyebrow makeup has been around for a long time, its no revolution, but it still finds a place in this article because the cosmetic products that are available today are nothing less than a revolution- be it the all-day lasting gel, a variety of brushes, different types of brow pens and pencils and what not.

However, eyebrow makeup involves little cost, but a lot of time and effort. If you have enough time and you want to save some money, you must master the art of eyebrow makeup. Learn to outline the perfect shape and also to fill them with precision. Choose the right brush, right pencil, wonderful brow gel andthe brow powder that best suits your complexion. Moreover define your arch with more brush strokes to give an illusion of lifted and bold look to your brows.

2. Traditional Eyebrow Tattoo: Although it is called traditional, the method is not that old. In fact its called traditional to not to be confused with 3D eyebrow tattoo.Its a permanent treatment just like any other tattoo. It doesnt appear natural, especially if its a thick eyebrow tattoo. The tattoo also changes color gradually with time- from black to blue and then green, which makes it look more fake and unattractive.

Although, for many it can prove worthwhile, if they just need some cover up for thin and dull brows. Consult an eyebrow artist to learn aboutwhat eyebrow treatment will suit you the best.

3. Eyebrow Extension:Eyebrow extension is another great method that has been trending a lot among many women and even men are going for it. Brow extensions are somewhat like the fake lashes or fake nails trend, but the difference lies in durability of its adherence. The brow artists will apply synthetic hair directly on the skin or to the existing natural brow hairs with the help of special adhesives. This glue or adhesive is designed especially for sensitive skin, so there is little risk involved. Besides, the hair as well as the glue used for brow extensions are waterproof materials. People who have no eyebrow hair at all (due to chemo therapy or alopecia etc.) prefer brow extensions as it gives them a natural look.

This is a semi permanent method and the treatment takes an hour at maximum. The results last for almost a month.

4. Eyebrow Embroidery/ Microblading/3D Eyebrow Tattoo:Microblading is currently the most trending and best of all eyebrow improvement methods. Although its a semi-permanent treatment, it lasts for more than 18 months if maintained properly. First, the shape is decided and outlining is done in the eyebrow area. The process involves filling natural pigment in the surface of eyebrow skin with the help of fine needles. Brows-like lines are drawninside the outlining to match with the existing natural eyebrows, giving you the fuller and fantastic real-looking brows in no time.

The process is quite like tattooing, but the pigment used in microblading is thicker which stops it from penetrating into the skin. Since its a semi-permanent treatment, you are ableto change the shape or arch or the thickness of your brows after a certain amount of time.

Consult only a certified microblading specialist for this amazing eyebrow improvement method. Get that celebrity like brows and confidence.

5. Cosmetic Surgery:This is not a very popular method because it requires real cosmetic surgery. If you are ready to go under the knife and to spend a fortune, you may try this. But remember its a permanent solution,so once done, it cant be altered.

Based on the design that patient chooses, a doctor will start the cosmetic surgery. The hairs can be taken from your head and are placed in the eyebrow area with healthy follicles. It works just like a hair transplant, and therefore takes a lot of time. It can take almost a day at the clinic and even recovery takes a long time. It requires huge spending but still the results may not be satisfactory for all. Regular maintenance and touch ups are a costly affair too.