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Microblading Training: Why You Need a Licensed/Certified Trainer

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Microblading Training: Why You Need a Licensed/Certified Trainer

Microblading is a young industry in the US as compared to many countries of Europe and Asia which makes it a field full of opportunities. The industry is flourishing with many microblading academies opened across the states and counties, providing certification of training in this field. This has made the job of a microblading trainer more famous than ever. However, not every microblading trainer that you find is actually trained and an expert in the treatment and technique.

The reason is the absence of a separate licensing law for it. In many states and counties, including Florida, the industry is still regulated under cosmetic tattoo or body art licensing requirements. As these licenses have a much lower entry bar, they often allow the unqualified and inexperienced to train in this technique and obtain the license for practicing it.

This poses great threat to the health of a person who receives treatment from the unqualified but ‘licensed’ artists, without even realizing that their license has not met the actually required the necessary training.

As an aspiring microblading artist, you cannot risk your career in the hands of those inexperienced people. To gain right amount of experience and expertise, you’ll need to complete your training with an expert microblading trainer only.

Here are the reasons why you need a licensed/certified microblading trainer to start your career:

  • They Have a Professional Background: With a great and extensive professional background, they know the what, where, why and how of the field. As microblading is done by lightly scratching the surface of the skin, an understanding of different types of skin and their reaction to the chemical agents is required along with the primary treatment skills. A professional microblading trainer possesses some sort of background in the skin care and pigment too; it can be a nursing, a PhD, a master esthetician or PMU.
  • They Possess an Artistic Touch: Just because anybody can obtain a license (under the current circumstances) for microblading, it doesn’t make them true microblading artists. A true microblading trainer’s prowess doesn’t lie in their treatment skills only, but in their understanding of the art of human face anatomy too, which makes them work for achieving a complete facial beauty and not just a piece of great eyebrow embroidery. As an apprentice to the artist, you’ll be better equipped to develop the same artistic vision for your work too.
  • You’ll Acquire the Professional Standards Only: Being trained under a highly experienced and professional microblading trainer, you’ll be exposed to the best standards of the industry right from the beginning. It will help you a lot in establishing your identity as a true microblading artist in future.
  • They Have a Good and Elite Client Base: You can enjoy the good fruits of their reputation too! If you are trained under a licensed, certified, and professional microblading artist, you can learn about his/her good clients as well. A good client is the one who knows it better about getting the treatment and with that knowing they develop a keen eye for identifying a true microblading artist. Once you create that reputation among them, you’ll be amazed to see how the same kind of client base you’ll start building for yourself.