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Microblading Training: Maegen Kennedy Loves Her Job

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Microblading Training: Maegen Kennedy Loves Her Job

Maegen Kennedy is a Board-Certified PA, Master Tattoo Microblading artist and trainer at Fleek Brows. She loves teaching microblading courses and training upcoming microblading professionals. Her passion is to help and empower up-and-coming microblading artists to perform successful aesthetic procedures. Trainees are given the tools to enrich lives by enhancing people’s external features while preserving their natural beauty.


Maegen received her injection and clinical training at one of the top 25 Allergan and Galderma accounts in the nation. She was trained with top dermatologists and plastic surgeons of the country. PA Kennedy has received aesthetics training from the superstars and industry leaders. She is licensed and well-qualified to carry out comprehensive examinations, diagnoses, treatment, and prescribe medical therapy for various medical needs.


Maegen Kennedy also works as a national GAIN trainer for Galderma. She is a member of the advisory board for The American Medical Spa Association. Recently, she taught other healthcare professionals during a Microblading Workshop at The Medical Spa Show.

A Self-Proclaimed Perfectionist

Maegen is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. Some people also call her “The Injection Queen.” According to her, a successful aesthetic procedure is one that makes someone feel confident and empowered.
She helps improve people’s self-esteem by rejuvenating their youth and restoring their facial harmony. She believes that rejuvenation looks good when it is not overdone or “frozen” and recognized subconsciously.

Unique Training Style

Apart from teaching her amazing microblading technique, she shares tips and business strategies with up-and-coming microblading artists and professionals to help them become successful. She discusses everything from skin types, color theory, products, and safety procedures, to business styles and how to proceed after completing the course.

Here’s why people love her:

“When you leave you not only have your certificate in hand but have everything you need to know to move forward in this field. You also have the comfort of Maegen being only a phone call away.” – Dana Lynn Hart

“Her professional approach, and skill level as an educator put me at ease while learning this precise art form. Her classes are small, so you basically have her full undivided attention to you in making sure that you get it right the first time.” – Michael SKIP Magner