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Microblading Trainees Need to be Cautious of Unqualified Trainers

Microblading Trainees
Microblading Trainees Need to be Cautious of Unqualified Trainers

In our last blog, we talked about the reasons why you should learn microblading from only a licensed and certified microblading trainer, and to give you a better idea we enlisted the benefits that you get from it. However, the story wouldn’t be unfolded completely, if we didn’t put out the reasons why you should never be taking microblading training from an unqualified, uncertified, and inartistic trainer.

To tell you the reality, there are absolutely zero regulations in microblading industry. Some ‘so-called’ microblading artists are taking 2 or 3 hour YouTube lessons, and are ready to cut through your skin to try their luck in the industry. So, if you are ready to let them carve into your face, there are a few things you should know.

Here are the 3 reasons why you should always stay away from these unqualified microblading trainers, and how you can identify them:

  • The Way They are Trained: The art of microblading doesn’t involve just pencil and paper art! It is much more than that which can’t be learned and grasped via YouTube courses. If not YouTube, then weekend “certification” class where hands-on microblading training involves one poor subject and 20 to 30 students. That’s an impossible situation to learn true eyebrow microblading! Even if you somehow manage to learn the technique, it still demands time and experience to perfect realistic results. Perfection requires at least 6 months of apprenticeship at the minimum.
  • The Materials They Use: To identify a true microblading artist, take a look at the materials they use. All materials should be plant-based and with zero metals. Using traditional tattoo inks that contains dangerous metals like iron oxide, cobalt, and mercury can scar your face and can leave your eyebrows look strange with green, blue or pinkish hue. True microblading pigment will remain in the same color that will be produced after blending. Again, blending and color matching is about true artisanship that takes experience.
  • Their Flawed Idea of Art: The art of microblading isn’t just about crafting two identical eyebrows. Rather, it’s about designing eyebrows that matches each other (though not necessarily) and are accurate to the symmetry of your face. Most of the faces are not likely to be symmetrical, and crafting two separate eyebrows based on the shape, eye placement, and existing eyebrow outline of your asymmetrical face takes the insight and experience of an artist.

So, if you are up to take eyebrow microblading as your career and are looking for a right microblading training option, it’s advisable for you to keep the above-mentioned three things in your mind. Because you will always want to give a right start to your journey of becoming a true microblading artist.

PA Maegen Kennedy at Fleek Brows Florida, is a master artist and your true certified microblading trainer with years of experience in cosmetics and microblading.