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Dermal fillers can fix a lot of problems including wrinkles, deep folds and loose skin, but they can’t actively fight fat. Kybella® is not a dermal filler. Kybella® works hard to eliminate the fat below your chin as the only FDA approved way to fight against a double chin.

Windermere Dental & Medical Spa is proud to offer this revolutionary treatment for double chin. Call and schedule your consultation today.


Kybella® is the only non-surgical option to removing fat underneath the chin. By targeting and destroying the fat cells, Kybella® uses the body’s natural healing process to tone and tighten the skin. The primary ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring enzyme which assists the body in the breakdown of fat. When this formula is given to the fat under the chin, it accelerates the rate in which the body breaks down and absorbs fat.


The process for getting rid of unwanted chin fat begins with your initial consultation. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your beauty goals with a member of our medical team and learn how Kybella® fits in. Once you schedule your appointment, we’ll also go over what you can do to prepare for your upcoming procedure.


Once the procedure is completed, we will go over the best practices for taking care of the new you. It’s possible that you’ll experience some swelling, tenderness and bruising around the injection sites. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid strenuous activity or manipulating the area around the treated area. You’ll also want to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and to wear sunscreen when going outside.

The entire Kybella® process can’t be completed in only one session. The best results are seen after three to five sessions, spaced three to four weeks apart. Once your first session is completed, we will schedule your subsequent appointments.


The ideal candidate for Kybella® is a healthy adult who is within their ideal weight goal. Kybella® targets and eliminates annoying pockets of fat under the chin, but isn’t a good solution for dynamic weight loss. Certain conditions could make a Kybella® procedure difficult. It’s important to tell a member of our medical team about any past conditions or current medications you’re taking.

Don’t let a double chin keep you from doing what you want in your life. WDS also offers Kybella® treatments in other areas such as bra folds and inner thighs. Call the Windermere Dental & Medical Spa office and schedule your initial consultation today!

Once your appointment day arrives, we’ll map out the points on your chin where Kybella® will be injected. A topical numbing cream will be applied to the area to help keep pain to a minimum. The appointment time will vary depending on how many treatments you’re getting, but most procedures are completed in about a half hour.

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