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How to Choose the Best Microblading Trainer

Microblading trainer
How to Choose the Best Microblading Trainer

The craze for Microblading has become so huge that it is no longer just a part of salon services. Actually, it has become a separate form of art and a niche segment of the beauty industry. However, there are several sub-standard microblading training courses running in nooks and corners of the city. Natural-looking, celebrity-like semi permanent eyebrows can’t be achieved just like that. They require quality training, practice and skilful hands to perform the right strokes. Below average training will never produce such skilful results.

So if you are the one looking for a career in microblading, then be careful when choosing the right microblading training provider in this ever progressing industry.

Here, we list out a few things that you must check in advance with your training provider before enrolling for their course.Remember, you must do a little homework first to make the right decision.

1. What are all the subjects the course covers?

The 3-5 months of microblading training must make you capable of:

  • Identifying the right shape of eyebrow for each face type
  • Defining the right angle for the brows with knowledge of the Golden Mean Ratio method
  • Stretching the skin the right way while performing the strokes
  • Making both brows symmetrical
  • Choosing the perfect color selection based on complexion and natural eyebrow color
  • Performing all required procedures for pigment retention
2. What are the latest techniques?

If the microblading training provider is really knowledgeable, then he/she must keep up with the industry updates. Ask about 6D eyebrows. If the trainer does not have the answer, then he/she may simply ignore your query or give an abrupt reply.
But the reality is that 6Dmicroblading does exist. It’s like 3D brows with the only major difference being the thickness of blade used for microblading. 6D microblading blades are thinner compared to 3D blades.

Make sure that the training provider stays up to date with the latest developments.

3. What comes with the training package?

Make sure beforehand that all components of microblading will be a part of your microblading training package. You must be provided with training manuals, a full-fledged training kit, marketing materials, aftercare brochures along with the online training support. You must be able to upgrade your knowledge through the latest information, blogs, tips, tutorials and more.

These are few important questions that must be answered by the microblading training provider. Only then you will find the best microblading trainer.

Apart from these questions, also learn about the students. What are the students doing after completion of training? How long is the program? Questions like these will help you decide if the training provider is right for you.

Many trainers are so well-reputed that their students even fly to get enrolled with them. Students travel from farthest corners of the city to get the best training. Fleek Brows provides this level of training in Florida. Learn more about Fleek Brows Microblading Training program.