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Fundamental & Advanced Training: Microblading Courses for You

microblading training
Fundamental & Advanced Training: Microblading Courses for You

If you want to start a career in microblading but don’t know how to start, and what kind of course to choose, read this blog for knowing about the best microblading course for you in Orlando, Florida.

Fleek Brows Florida offers two different courses in microblading training – fundamental and advanced training. The two courses are designed by keeping in mind the two types of learners, the starters and the professionals. Each course gives a great insight into the art and science of microblading. Let’s have a look at the features of each course; what they have to offer, how they differ, and which one is best for you.

2 Day ‘Boot Camp Fundamentals’ in Microblading

Our 2 day Boot Camp Fundamentals training course is the best microblading course in Florida for freshers who want to start their career in microblading. This is a complete training program that teaches you everything that’s required to become a successful microblading artist. [What is microblading training? All that you ever wanted to know]

In our 2 full-day microblading training program, you get to work on 2 live models from start to finish. This lets you learn the entire procedure in the most practical way.

The course doesn’t just offer you to learn the required skills, but it also provide you to learn basics related to important microblading stuffs like skin types, needles, color theory, before and after instructions, etc. Apart from the basics, you also get to learn about managing complications like color and shape correction, red flags and how to avoid them, etc.

Also, we teach you how to market your business and about business planning and strategies. This helps you grow as a perfect microblading professional rather than just a perfect microblading artist.

The course also offers an optional 2 hour touch-up course that you can attend 6-8 weeks after the fundamental course. It will help you know the importance of a touch up by letting you practice touch-up on the same model you worked on during the fundamental course. No other microblading course in Florida offers this!

1 Day Microblading Advanced Training

This 1 day advanced training course in microblading is for certified permanent makeup artists who want to get a more advanced learning for refining their skills. During the course, our master artist PA Maegen Kennedy teaches how to create crisp, natural, realistic hair strokes with the manual microstroking technique.

The course lets you learn about the more advanced aspects of microblading that includes microstroking with shadings, depth analyzing for pigment implantation, skin types, hair strokes, numbing products, aftercare and healing process and more. You get to learn all these through hands on practice with 2 live models.

So, whichever course suits your requirements, just come to us and you will find out why we are the best place for you to be learning the art and craft of microblading.

For enrolling in our courses call us at 321-445-1115.