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Eyelash Lift Orlando | Lash Lift Facts You May Not Know

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Eyelash Lift Orlando | Lash Lift Facts You May Not Know

If you’re curious to find out what’s going to happen on your first eyelash lift Orlando, you’ll need to separate fact from fiction before you book in for your appointment. Here are a few things that will help you set the record straight about this treatment.

An Eyelash Lift Orlando is Different from an Eyelash Perm

Although the chemical procedure for both is identical, the difference lies in the results. The eyelash lift is a new and improved procedure that ditches the old-fashioned perm rollers that give you the ‘dolly look’ to give place to the use of silicone pads that can lift lashes from the root in a straight, curled or upwards fashion, thereby producing length and a more dramatic look.

The Procedure is Safe and Painless

The technician will apply specially designed silicone shields around your eyes to ensure that the product to be used in the procedure won’t touch the sensitive areas. An eye-safe adhesive will be applied on top of the pad where your lashes are brushed upwards according to your desired length and volume. Next, a special lash-lifting solution that’s 100% safe will be applied to soften the bonds of your lashes as they are being molded into shape. Your eyes will be closed for the whole duration of the treatment, but you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

How Long Will the Effects Last?

This will last you 6 to 8 weeks and you can combine this with a tint to leave your mascara behind. You won’t have to keep maintenance appointments in between. However, the lift can drop prematurely if you go swimming or if your lashes are exposed to harsh products or heat.

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Looking for an Eyelash Lift Orlando?

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