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Eyelash Extensions Orlando | Three Major Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

where are eyelash extensions orlando?
Eyelash Extensions Orlando | Three Major Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If you want to throw away your falsies for good, you are not alone. The good news is you can take your lashes to another level if you choose to go for a more permanent option — Eyelash Extensions Orlando. These have the magical, transformative powers to enhance the beauty of your face. With Eyelash Extensions Orlando, you’ll always be selfie-ready.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

These are synthetic fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes by a certified esthetician using medical grade adhesive. Their sizes range from 6mm-18mm with curl width options. Once completed, your new lashes are guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd by making your eyes look wider and more lifted. If you give them the TLC they need, they can last up to six weeks before shedding.

Major Benefits of Having Eyelash Extensions

  • You’ll use less make-up

Since these are fixed to your eyelashes, you can get away without eyeliners or mascaras to life your eye area and make your eyes pop. With Eyelash Extensions Orlando, you can forget about lengthening, darkening, or curling your lashes, and you won’t have to use eye cosmetics if you don’t want to. No more struggles with the eyelash curler or the hassles of dealing with clumping lashes.

  • You’ll save time

Ten minutes of extra sleep is precious. If you have Eyelash Extensions Orlando, you can sleep a little longer because your morning make-up routine as well as your nighttime routine won’t take as much time as they used to. You won’t have to rush to school, work or your errands because they make your routine easier to manage!

  • They’re low-maintenance

Except for the fact that you’ll have to get fills every two to three weeks, you won’t have to do anything else because they don’t need special products or daily care. You can shower or swim without having to worry about them. You’ll just need to steer clear from oil-based eye products if you want your Eyelash Extensions Orlando to last long.

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Get the Lashes of Your Dreams!

If you’re ready to look as fabulous as you feel, book your Eyelash Extensions Orlando today at Fleek Brows and get them right away!