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Eyelash Extensions Orlando | A Closer Look at Eyelash Extensions

Where are the best eyelash extensions orlando?
Eyelash Extensions Orlando | A Closer Look at Eyelash Extensions

Thanks to eyelash extensions Orlando, no one has to keep on using extra coats of mascara or use false eyelashes to get that sexy flutter. This beauty treatment has become increasingly popular over the years among women who don’t have the time and the patience to use the eyelash curler.

where are the best eyelash extensions orlando?

What You May Not Know About Eyelash Extensions

They’ll Change Your Makeup Routine

Although you won’t have to spend as much time as you used to while you’re doing your eyelashes, you might need to change the makeup products that you normally use when you have eyelash extensions. For instance, tubing mascaras are notorious for sticking to eyelash extensions much more than your real eyelashes. Furthermore, removing waterproof liquid eyeliners can cause you to rub at your lash line and using pencil eyeliners can mess up your lash extensions. Also, you’ll have to say goodbye to your oil-based makeup products unless you want them to erode your lash glue. Don’t worry, you can use alternative products such as lightweight mascara, pen eyeliner, powder eyeliner, and an oil-free water-based makeup remover.

The Results Depend on Your Natural Lashes

Do you have naturally fine and thin lashes? If you do, you can’t expect to end up with lashes that are extremely voluminous because the lash extensions are meant to be attached to your natural lashes. Overloading your real lashes with extensions can cause potential damage to them. In other words, you’ll need to manage your expectations by keeping them realistic. However, the good news is that it doesn’t matter if you have short, fine or thick natural lashes, the extensions can still do wonders for you.

You Need to Keep Them Clean

Be sure to keep your eyelash extensions dry for about 12 to 24 hours after their application or touch-ups. After that, washing them is extremely important because if your extensions aren’t kept clean on a regular basis, you can potentially develop infections such as keratitis or conjunctivitis.

where are good eyelash extensions orlando?

Where to Get Eyelash Extensions Orlando

Looking for the best place to get eyelash extensions Orlando? Call Fleek Brows today to schedule an appointment.