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Beauticians Need to Upgrade Microblading in Florida

Beauticians Need to Upgrade Microblading in Florida

Microblading is a fairly new trend; however, tattooing and body inking has a very old history dated back to ancient times. The method of Microblading or eyebrow embroidery uses the latest technologies to recreate, rectify and transform your eyebrows to enhance your looks.

It is a trending makeup procedure because it is considered a permanent make up technique. This is gaining huge popularity in Florida and is becoming a favourite among beauty lovers. Actually, a manual pen with fine needles or a blade is used by microblading artists to ink fine lines that look exactly like natural brow hairs. The result of this eyebrow embroidery lasts for 12 months or more depending upon the maintenance. A repeat touch up will keep them thick, bold and gorgeous for another year. This is the reason why it’s said to be a semi-permanent make-up technique.

Why Beauticians Need to Upgrade to Microblading

There are various facts and figures to show why beauticians need to upgrade their profile to include microblading training.

According to an online source, the cost and revenue estimations of Micoblading training are as below:

  • Estimated Cost of microblading training: $4500
  • Average price of microblading: $800
  • Average weekly income through microblading (7 clients a week): $5600
  • Average annual income through microblading: $268800
  • Fleek Brows, based in the heart of Florida, has well-trained and highly experienced microblading professionals who offer excellent eyebrow microblading trainingprograms for aspiring beauticians.

Training for this beauty trend can benefit beauticians in an enormous way:
(Highlights of the Fleek Brows Eyebrow Microblading Program)
  • Your beautician profile is improved; Microblading is very much in demand in US and you do not need to say “no” to any client asking for it.
  • Microblading training from a certified artist or trainer will give you thorough knowledge of the procedure.
  • You also get on-hands experience on live models, start to finish
  • You also receive training to manage complications.
  • You receive a certificate that adds to your professional credibility
  • You develop a great network with reputed beauty professionals.
  • You are also provided with continuous post training support apart
  • You receive a starter kit
  • You receive training in marketing and business strategies
  • Trainees are also offered the practice face, skin and blades

“The business revenue of a beautician can be increased 10 folds after Microblading training.”- The significance of Microblading training for beauticians can be derived from this very fact.