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Maegen Kennedy, M.M.S, PA-C

PA Maegen Kennedy has over 10 years of experience in integrative family medicine, medical and aesthetic dermatology. PA Kennedy offers consultations for both your aesthetic and wellness needs.

Wellness consultations may cover topics such as autoimmune diseases, disease prevention, plant-based nutrition, supplements, stress management, IV drips, vaginal rejuvenation, bio-identical hormone replacement, thyroid management and overall health and well-being.

Aesthetic consultations may cover concerns such as wrinkles, skin texture, dark spots, volume loss, facial aging, sagging skin, facial balancing, eyebrow microblading, decreased lip hydration, skin redness or broken blood vessels, all types of scars, facial or body acne, mila, facial contouring and much more. She is well-known for her safe practices, subtle and natural-looking results.

She has a unique approach to aesthetics that focuses on “facial micro-optimization,” where minor changes are made to improve one’s overall appearance in a subliminal way.

PA Kennedy is recognized by A4M for her subspecialty in integrative and anti-aging medicine. She is hand-selected to be a national trainer for Galderma.  In 2019, she went to Galderma’s manufacturing warehouse in Uppsala, Sweden to sit on the elite advisory board. Through advisory boards, on-stage lectures and peer-to-peer trainings she is helping shape the future of the aesthetic industry. Her training takes her around the country to collaborate with top plastic surgeons, integrative family physicians, dermatologists and likeminded aesthetic providers. She’s passionate about the patient experience and results along with teaching other health care professionals the art, education, and safety of aesthetic and wellness medicine. She enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and three dogs. She maintains an active lifestyle that includes cycling, lifting weights, cooking, meditation and going to Disney with her family.

Maegen Kennedy

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