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5 Important Tips to Ensure Comfort During Microblading Procedures

Microblading tips
5 Important Tips to Ensure Comfort During Microblading Procedures

Are you considering microblading but are concerned that the application might feel uncomfortable? Don’t let the procedure worry you because it’s not as unpleasant as you might think. Microblades are indeed used to place pigment into the skin so that it remains for several years. However, many precautions are taken to make microblading a comfortable experience.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is an advanced procedure that generates semi-permanent hair strokes to cover thinning or sparse brows. The outcome is getting full brows that appear very real and are long-lasting. It’s also suitable for someone just looking to include a slight arch and achieve a natural, invisible fringe after the process. Mostly, microblading is the ideal solution for those who are keen to:

  • Cover gaps in brows
  • Give a better definition to brows
  • Remedy over plucked eyebrows
  • Get a full eyebrow reconstruction

How to Make a Microblading Procedure a Comfortable Experience

Microblading entails less discomfort than acquiring a tattoo, but is somewhat more unpleasant than eyebrow-plucking and waxing. There are several ways to help reduce any of the pain or discomfort during the procedure. Here are a few tips to make Microblading a comfortable experience:

1. Use a Topical Desensitizing/Numbing Agent

A special topical desensitizing agent is applied to help reduce the pain on your skin. This lidocaine based desensitizing cream naturally absorbs through the skin and is similar to what is used in dental procedures. It is capable of minimizing any uncomfortable sensations during the pigment application into your skin.

2. Listen to Soothing Music

It’s known that listening to calming music can help to distract your mind and provide a relaxing environment for your body. Much of the anxiety stems from the “unknown.” Therefore, go to your procedure prepared and you should be fine!

3. Stay in a Temperature Controlled Environment

Staying in a temperature controlled environment during the procedure is necessary. Otherwise, extremes temperatures can pose challenges for the microblading technician. Cold surroundings can cause shrinking of skin and blood vessels. Extremely hot surroundings can boost bleeding and sweating, and hamper the final results.

4. Consider Using Anti-Anxiety Medication

If you have any history of anxiety, then you might need to consider this option. Taking anti-anxiety medication ahead of the procedure will make you more calm, and the more relaxed you are, the less painful the procedure will seem!

5. Maintain Oil-free Skin

Extra oily skin may enhance the risk of pigment rejection by the body or intensify the likelihood of the pigment spreading and blurring. To reduce this risk, it’s best to dab the area with toners or oil absorbing pads before the procedure and for removing the oiliness of the skin

Bottom Line

If you think about the time you take to set your brows daily, then imagine the time that is freed up by having perfect looking eyebrows round the clock with the help of microblading.

The microblading procedure doesn’t have to be uncomfortable if done correctly. Factors such as the use of numbing cream, the environment setting, and more, play a major role in affecting the comfort level.